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Thanksgiving 2014 Wrap-Up

I am so very thankful to all of my clients who have allowed me to witness their joy, love, and strength this year. Thank you babies for all coming to join us! In this season of sharing our time with those we love, family and friends, I’m so happy to know that this year is even more special for these new families.  I know that I will be blessed to meet a few more babies before the year is over, for which I am even more honored!

In addition to the care provided to mamas this year, I have also been adding to my skills!  I’ve been undertaking the 200-hour Yoga Instructor Training through Moksha Yoga. What an amazing gift to be able to learn from my amazing teachers, especially Daren, the Director of Moksha. I’ll continue in the program through March of 2015, while also adding Pregancy Yoga education. I’ve seen what an amazing benefit yoga is for birthing moms, and I’m guessing you’ve heard me mention it a number of times!

I’ve also been honored to support the lovely Midwives at Gentle Birth Care, an incredible Homebirth CNM Group helping families in Chicago. My work as their office manager decreases some of the extra work they need to do, allowing them to spend more time supporting families. They serve 18 families per month helping them have their babies at home.


For the year of 2014, I have served 50 families!

– more than 90% were new clients!

– more than 66% were first time families

– Of the 6 attempted VBAC’s, 5 had vaginal births!

– Less than 10% of my clients had c-sections, and 2 of those were for breech babies that would not turn

– More than 90% had vaginal births!


This year, I’m growing my business, hoping to serve more families as they meet their babies in peace, joy, and love. How can you help? First, I’d love to see you again! But for those not planning a 2015 baby, you can start by

A special thank you to all of the families I’ve met and worked with! I learn from you every single day!

Thankfully yours,

Heather McCullough

Thanksgiving 2014