Labor Tub Rental Reply

Most of the babies I helped with as a Midwife were born in water. Research is clear that LABORING IN DEEP WATER truly does decrease the pain perceived by women – as much as 20% less pain! Unfortunately, the average tub in our homes doesn’t cover mom’s belly, limits movement, and doesn’t enable the partner to get in the tub for additional support if the mom needs. With gravity greatly reduced, women’s birthing waves change dramatically, often making labor shorter and easier.

Birth Tub Rental Includes:

  • Delivery
  • Set up
  • How-to
  • Take down of the tub (this can take up to an hour)


Additional Options:

  • There are some additional items that you will need to purchase, which are kept by the family after the labor and birth. While many people feel they can use items they already have, I require that these items are purchased new to maintain the tubs in wonderful condition.

To purchase your supplies AND receive a 10% discount (use the contact form to request the discount code) on Tub supplies when going through my account, which also lists the supplies you will need for my tubs.

The additional supplies:

  • A liner that fits the Eco Birth Tub In A Box perfectly
  • Indoor (drinking quality) hose 
  • Adaptors for your sink or shower
  • Pool cover to maintain water temperature
  • Floor cover to avoid any moisture getting to the floor

When we have confirmed that the tub is available for your due date, I will email a link for ordering the supplies.  They will cost less than $100.00.

Please feel free to contact me for more information!

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