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Hypnobabies Chicago

Hypnobabies Chicago


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VBAC 4 Hour Classes

Join us for this wonderful 4 hour class, designed uniquely for women and their partners who are preparing to birth after a prior (or 2) cesearean birth!

Join us and envision your joyful birth.

With a focus on physiologic, joyful, powerful birth with optimal fetal positioning and advanced birth support tips and tricks.

Having attended almost 700 births, in homes, birthcenters, and hospitals, Heather, who specializes in VBAC births, will share with you so many wonderful ways to help partners and mamas use tools, make choices, and tap into their intuition and bodies as they meet their babies.

The classes will include education, evidence and latest VBAC research, along with support for pregnancy, empowerment of mamas and partners, hopes & fears, comfort measures, labor support techniques, signs & stages of labor, the role of your doula, partner, family, friends, and providers during labor, birth, and the postpartum period.  

Included in the class:
* handouts
* resources
* connection with other families
* Snacks and tea will be provided.
$75 per couple


2016 Schedule coming soon!



Birth Recovery Movement Classes coming in 2016!